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Dress Code

The personal appearance of the individual student, while at school or attending any school event, reflects the general attitudes of our student body. We expect each individual student to dress in a manner that reflects the moral attitude of our community and student body. Students will not be allowed to attend school when their attire, personal hygiene, and/or behavior are distractive and/or detrimental to the school. Inappropriate dress or appearance will be the decision of the Principal or Superintendent. The following are specific guidelines for student dress.
  1. All students must wear shoes while at school.
  2. Dress and grooming will be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety requirements. No inappropriate clothing, jewelry, or accessory that is distracting will be worn at school or related functions.
  3. Shirts with markings or insignias which display obscenity, illustrations designed to be immorally suggestive, advertise alcohol, drugs, or tobacco have no place in our school.
  4. Muscle shirts, undershirts, cut-off shirts, bare midriff, halter-tops, and string type tank tops will not be allowed.
  5. The wearing of hats/headbands in the school is inappropriate.
  6. Shirts that are torn and pants with holes or tears above the knee are not allowed to be worn during school.
  7. Pajamas, and/or boxers are not acceptable during school, however wind suits are acceptable.
  8. Students, grades K-12, will be allowed to wear shorts to school at any time under the following conditions: The shorts, including the side slit, must be no shorter than the longest fingertip rule (middle finger) with the arms fully extended at the side and the shorts above the hips. As with pants, shorts must be worn above the hips with no holes and no undergarments showing. Shorts with lettering across the seat are not permitted. NO SAGGING! No cut-off sweats. No biker shorts. All cut-off shorts must be hemmed or cuffed and meet the length requirements.
  9. No tight fitting clothing is to be worn during school. No low cut tops, front or back. NO Leggings, spandex, yoga pants/compression pants or any form fit stretch pant.
  10. Students may not wear coats during the school day. If classroom temperatures are not comfortable, the teacher may then send a student to his/her locker to get a coat.
  11. PE class-shorts must be of acceptable length and t-shirts must have sleeves or be manufactured as a sleeveless t-shirt.
  12. A shirt or sweater must be worn over a narrow strapped top or dress.
  13. Undergarments: Should not be seen. No visible undergarments, includes but not limited to bras, sports bras, panties, boxers, and briefs.