Senior Scholarships

 Scholarship NameDeadline  Word DocumentLink or PDF 
 AgriLegacy Tomorrow Scholarship $1000April 1st  none AgriLegacy Scholarship link
American Legion Post 174 Scholarship $1000  March 26thAmerican Legion Scholarship.docx none
 American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship $500 March 18th noneAmerican Legion Auxiliary Scholarship pdf 
American Legion State Scholarships (varied amounts)  April 5thnone American Legion State Scholarships link 
 George & Hazel Barber Scholarship $1000 March 18thnone George & Hazel Barber Scholarship pdf 
Cattleman's Scholarship September noneCattleman's Scholarship link 
Farm Bureau Scholarship for Marion County $500May 1st Farm Bureau Scholarship.docxnone
Farm Credit Services (FCS) Financial Scholarship $1500 March 1st  noneFCS Financial Scholarship link
Farmers Mutual Insurance Scholarship $1000 March 1st  noneFarmers Mutual Insurance Scholarship.pdf
Lt. Gen. Philip C. Gast Memorial Scholarship $1000 March 15th  Gast Memorial Scholarship.docx none
 Grinnell Mutual Scholarship $1000 March 1stnoneGrinnell Mutual Scholarship link
HomeBank Scholarship $1000March 1st  HomeBank Scholarship.docx none
John Wood Community College Institutional ScholarshipsMarch 1st  noneJohn Wood Scholarships link 
Josh Houchins Memorial Student-Athlete Scholarship $500 March 22nd none Josh Houchins Bio
Josh Houchins Scholarship Instructions
Josh Houchins Scholarship pdf 
Marion County R-II Common Scholarships  $150-$250 April 1st MCR-II Common Application.docx 
Marion-Ralls Retired School Personnel $250 March 22ndnone  Marion-Ralls Retired School Scholarship link
Mark Twain Telephone (Foundation for Rural Service) $2500January 29th  noneFoundation for Rural Service Scholarship link 
McKay, P. Michael & Margaret McKay Charitable Trust Scholarship-Up to $5,000  March 22nd  McKay Charitable Trust Scholarship.docnone 
 MFA Foundation Scholarship $2000March 4th  noneMFA.pdf
 Missouri Bankers Foundation $1000 March 1st noneMO Bankers Foundation link
 Missouri Insurance Education Foundation $1500 March 4thnone MO Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship link 
 Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC) $1000February 20th none MAMIC Scholarship.pdf
Missouri Association of Rural Educators Scholarship $500 & $1000  March 4th & March 29thnone MO Association of Rural Educators link 
Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture Scholarship 
January 28th none  MO State Fair Scholarship link
Missouri 4-H Foundation February 15th none  MO 4-H Foundation Scholarship link
 NEMO Medical Society Scholarship $500March 31stnone NEMO Medical Society Scholarship Instructions 
 North River Old Iron Club Scholarship $250March 7th none Old Iron Club.pdf
Northeast Missouri Old Threshers $250  March 13thOld Threshers.docx  none
Prairieland FS Scholarship $1000 April 12th  PrairieLand FS Scholarship.docx none
 Shelter Insurance Scholarship $2000March 15th Shelter Insurance Scholarship.docx
Tasty Freeze $500 April 3rd noneTasty Freeze Scholarship.pdf 
Tri-County Buffalo Rangers Saddle Club Scholarship $100-$300 March 20thnone  Tri-County Saddle Club Scholarship pdf
United Community Credit Union $1000 & (2) $500March 15th  noneUnited Community Credit Union Scholarship link 
Ursa Farmers Coop Scholarship $500  March 15th none Ursa Farmers Coop Scholarship.pdf
 Westlake ScholarshipFebruary 1st  none Westlake Scholarship link
Women Legislators of MO Scholarship $500  March 15th noneInstructions for Scholarship
Women Legislators Scholarship link