Student Council

                                  2018-19 Members

Mrs. Tuley 

      2017-18 Officers:      
President:  Sadie
Vice President: Payton
Secretary: Matt
Treasurer: Liz

2016-17 Members:
7th Grade: Jackson & Shayleigh
8th Grade:  Cannon 
Freshmen:  Delaney S. & Spencer
Sophomores: Delaney H. & Nathan
        Juniors:  Colby & Skylar
Seniors: Lance & Sheldon

  The Marion County R-II Student Council has many fundraisers       throughout the school year. Some of them include: candy and     soda sales during Halloween and Valentine's Day. Student    Council also sponsors Spirit Days and puts on     various assemblies for our school. At the end of the first         semester, Student Council provides a movie day for grades 7-12   at the Shelbina Theater. Student Council also coordinates         Homecoming Events and t-shirts every year. To end the second      semester of the school year, Student Council barbecues         hamburgers and provides soda for the faculty and high school.